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Oxygen Therapy Products

Oxygen Therapy Products


  • Stationary concentrators
    We have a variety of concentrators to meet your prescribed therapeutic needs.
  • Portable Oxygen concentrators
    Portable Oxygen concentrators are lightweight and discreet – ideal for active lifestyles or people on the move.
  • Oximeter
    Doctors recommend our high quality finger pulse oximeter for instant feedback on your oxygen saturation levels.
  • Accessories
    We provide everything from cannulas, humidifiers, masks and replacement tubing plus a wide range of specialty products.

Maintenance and disinfection center

  • Around the world, the Air Liquide Group requires complete disinfection process that falls within the general framework of the processing of reusable medical devices such as oxygen concentrators.
  • VitalAire Egypt has its own center for maintenance and disinfection for homecare.
  • It serves firstly, repair any problems that occurred during handling facilities and, secondly, voluntary and temporary elimination of certain germs, so as to stop an infection or risk of infection or superinfection by pathogenic microorganisms or viruses and / or undesirable.
  • VitalAire Egypt is the only company to offer an after sales service based on a central maintenance and disinfection of homecare devices.