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Oxygen Therapy Products

Oxygen Therapy Products

Our Products

All our high quality medical devices are FDA and CE marked, meaning they are safe and meet the most rigorous standards for therapy. VitalAire is 9001:2008 accredited to ensure our products and services comply with international standards.

Stationary concentrators We offer a variety to meet therapeutic needs, according to your prescription.
Portable Oxygen concentrators Our discreet, lightweight units are ideal for active lifestyles.
Accessories From cannulas, humidifiers to masks, replacement tubing and specialty products, we provide all the accessories you need.


Using Oxygen Safely

Oxygen is highly combustible, so the following safety precautions are vital


  • Use the oxygen only as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Turn off oxygen equipment when not in use.
  • Keep the equipment regularly clean.
  • Keep away grease, creams, oil products, flammable and combustible materials  from oxygen equipment.
  • Use and store oxygen equipment in well-ventilated areas away from humid or wet environments.
  • DON'T:
  • Smoke or let others smoke in your home or near your oxygen equipment.
  • Use oxygen equipment near electrical equipment that sparks or gets hot.
  • Use oxygen equipment near matches, candles, gas appliances, open flames or fires.
  • Allow others to operate the oxygen equipment without training.
  • Tamper with or attempt to repair your oxygen equipment yourself.

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Planning For a Power Failure

An emergency plan will help you cope better during a power failure if your oxygen concentrator cannot be used. Stay calm and contact VitalAire or your nearest hospital. Our primary concern is for your safety. Use this checklist to help you prepare.