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Invasive Ventilation (VI)

Invasive Ventilation (VI)

It is one that is carried out in a patient with respiratory produced artificial way - tracheotomy. The tracheostomy tube is connected to a ventilator pipe system.

Mechanical ventilation can be

  • Controlled in this case, the ventilator is programmed key parameters, ie. the volume and respiratory rate and may be altered during breathing. This type of ventilation is used in patients who, because of progression of the disease are not able to take his own breath;
  • Assisted in this case the patient is breathing independently, determines the frequency of breathing, and the ventilator supports his every breath to him, pushing air into the lungs.

The Advantage

The advantage of home health care for mechanically ventilated patients is:

  • Less costly.
  • Family atmosphere.
  • Reducing the risk of infection from other patients.
  • The possibility to stay in a friendly environment.
  • Improved nutrition, as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of rehabilitation treatments. 
  • For patient's family, which, despite the burden of new responsibilities, do not have to share life in hospital, home and transport.