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Our services

Our services

​​​​​​Vitalaire Egypt Provide three therapeutic solutions :

  • Oxygen generators, masks & humidifier for COPD patients.
  • Sleep apnea solutions including Diagnosis Devices(polygraphs) ,treatment devices(CPAPs & Auto CPAPs), Masks  and treatment follow up devices .
  • Assisted ventilation devices as BiPAP and Home Ventilator Devices.


Vitalaire has a well trained and qualified team that assists patients through :

  • Illustrating our devices in a professional and a simple manner.
  • Masks trial, instruction for use & Safety Measures.
  • Maintenance of our devices.
  • Follow up visits based on Physician instructions.

VitalAire in Egypt represents

> 10

years of experience in Egypt


therapies in Egypt

> 1000

patients in Egypt